Checkpoint Systems acquires Alert Systems

Thorofare, NJ and Hoersholm, Denmark

Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in RFID and RF technology solutions, has acquired Denmark-based Alert Systems, a pioneering Internet of Things (IoT) specialist with a focus on metal and magnet detection in the retail environment.

Since 1999, Alert Systems has supplied the global retail industry with solutions to identify tools and techniques used by criminals to steal items from stores – these include boosterbags (handmade containers lined with foil used to shoplift) and detachers (illegal magnets used to detach tags with ease), commonly detected at store entrance/exits and fitting room areas.

For a number of years Checkpoint has been a partner and major distributor for the company to provide ground-breaking metal and magnet detection products, including Hyperguard, Metalguard and Apparelguard – a revolutionary batch of digital software-driven solutions which work against professional shoplifters using boosterbags and detachers to steal items in hypermarkets, fashion stores, pharmacies and other retail stores.

The success of the partnership has now followed a natural progression to full acquisition, further strengthening Checkpoint’s core focus that is offering world-class loss prevention solutions and bolstering its product line.

Ben Lilienthal, President Checkpoint Worldwide said: “Organised retail crime (ORC) is increasing globally; in the US alone retailers saw a 26.5% increase in incidents in 2021 and shrinkage represented nearly $100 billion in losses in 2022. This is due to criminals using increasingly advanced methods of avoiding detection, some of which can defeat traditional EAS anti-theft solutions. These include foil-lined containers or booster bags which shield the security tag from the EAS system thus allowing stolen items to leave a store without triggering an alarm. By providing retailers with more information regarding when and where organised retail crime (ORC) threats are entering a store, our new solutions will help retailers drive down the ever-increasing prevalence of gang-related crime.

“Checkpoint has long been known for its expertise in the retail security space and we are looking forward to providing our retail customers around the world with an even stronger loss prevention offering that will cater to their every retail security need.”

Troels Falkenberg, CEO Alert Systems, added: “Checkpoint Systems’ acquisition of Alert Systems is the logical next step in our shared mission to tackle retail crime. With this industry scourge on the rise, it is important that retailers have access to a solid portfolio of solutions to help them effectively manage the issue, and we know Checkpoint Systems is the right organisation to facilitate this. The company has a well-known, long-standing reputation in the loss prevention field and we are delighted to extend our previous partnership into a full acquisition.”

As a global leader in Electronic Article Surveillance, Checkpoint’s families of EAS antennas offer exceptional detection and have been create to meet retailers product protection requirements across a wide range of applications. The company invests heavily in research and development to bring new and innovative loss prevention solutions to customers day in, day out.


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