CERN reopens with biometric iris recognition access technology

Cranbury, NJ and Geneva, Switzerland

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, best known as CERN, has reactivated its Large Hadron Collider after a three-year hiatus for repairs and upgrades, continuing their quest to understand the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Located near Geneva on the Swiss-French border, the CERN’s security team employs Iris ID’s advanced iris recognition solution to maintain the safety and security of the facility, its invaluable assets, and the host of renowned international scientists and staff registered for access to the facility.

Iris ID iris recognition technology provides fast, contactless and highly accurate identity authentication for over 10,000 registered individuals who have been cleared for access to CERN over the years. CERN currently has Iris ID iris readers installed at the main entry and various access points along the 27-kilometre circular Large Hadron Collider as well as deployments at access points to the radiological area of CERN’s Proton Synchrotron (PS) accelerator area.

“The high value we place on the security of our people, our work, and our facilities demands tight security,” said Pierre Ninin, Head of Safety Systems Engineering at CERN. “The Iris ID system has been up to the task at 100 metres below ground.”

The Iris ID system moves approximately 3,000 people a day through access points networked throughout the high-security facility, keeping CERN scientists and staff from accessing areas for which they lack authorisation and/or may be dangerous. The identity authentication process requires less than a second per individual, and is completely safe and requires no contact.

“We are extremely proud to contribute to the continued safety and security of the CERN facilities, and are elated that they are back up and running,” said Mohammed Murad, Vice President, Iris ID. “The deployment of Iris ID iris recognition solutions at CERN is testimony to the high-security, accuracy and fast throughput of our technology.”


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