Briefcam releases rapid deployment kit for Genetec Security Center

Boston, Ma

Briefcam has released the Briefcam Rapidreview Starter Kit for Genetec Security Center. The tightly coupled appliance-based solution pairing Briefcam’s sophisticated video analytics, and Genetec Security Center that can enable deployment in less than five minutes.

The rapid, low touch deployment is facilitated by a pre-configured and a certified hardware appliance seamlessly integrated with Genetec Security Center, intuitive administration tools, and full access to Briefcam’s cloud-based Learning Management System for user and administration training. The addition of the Briefcam Starter Kit support for Security Center follows the programme launch in September 2019.

“We are pleased to participate in the Rapidreview Starter Kit programme, further enabling video analytics for Genetec customers. Through virtually plug-and-play deployment capabilities, and seamless accessibility of Briefcam’s Rapidreview video analytics within the Security Center client, end-users benefit from improved post-event investigation productivity,” said Georges Tannous, Director of Strategic Alliances of Genetec Inc.

The Briefcam Rapidreview Starter Kit is based on the Briefcam’s Rapidreview product, with support for Video Synopsis, robust multi-camera search capabilities including 27 classes and attributes, as well as colour, size, speed, path, direction, and dwell time, face recognition and appearance similarity. Collaborative case management quickly and effectively organises all video assets of an investigation to further accelerate and optimise the video review process. Visual layers that support activity level, dwell time, common paths and background changes, round out an ever increasing and powerful set of hundreds of search combinations for accelerating video investigations.

The Starter Kit enables a low-touch, five-step, five-minute deployment for rapid time-to-value. The simple process consists of license activation, VMS IP Address configuration, camera activation, SSO enablement/user creation and VMS client plug-in installation. The Kit includes out of-the-box support for on-demand and scheduled analytics, and scales to support a maximum of 200 channels. Upgrade paths to BriefCam’s Insights and Protect products are also available.


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