AV Costar wins two industry awards

Los Angeles, Ca (USA)

Arecont Vision Costar (AV Costar) is set to receive two security industry awards for the new adjustable view, omnidirectional ConteraIP Omni LX Remote Setup camera.

The newest Omni platform offers easy installation and setup plus advanced features in a megapixel camera that covers any view up to 360 degrees for non-stop situational awareness.

AV Costar’s Omni LX Remote Setup camera was first unveiled at last fall’s GSX Chicago conference, and is now generally available. AV Costar brings a proud legacy of surveillance industry leadership, pioneering the first panoramic 180-degree multi-sensor megapixel cameras, followed by the first adjustable view, 4-sensor omni-directional models, with multiple follow-on generations adding new features, capabilities, and designs.

“We’re extremely pleased with this new industry recognition from Security Today and Secure Campus,” said Jeff Whitney, Vice President of Marketing, AV Costar. “The market for multi-sensor cameras that the company launched has matured, and it’s very exciting that our newest cameras continue to receive recognition for their unique capabilities and the simplicity of installation and operation that they offer to customers.”

The new Omni LX Remote Setup offers some of the most advanced capabilities and features of any omni-directional multi-sensor camera, including hands-free setup. The camera is easily installed with a unique, time saving mounting design on a wall, ceiling, pole, emergency call box, or other structure. All 4 sensors can then be remotely moved into position from the safety of the ground over the network. The installer remotely uses the pan, tilt, zoom, and focus controls to lock in non-stop coverage of virtually any viewing area. 180-, 270-, and 360-degree presets speed setup, with the ability to further adjust and save additional viewing choices. These capabilities eliminate the need for a service call or use of a lift or ladder to change or fine tune the view, saving both time and money. The Omni LX Remote Setup brings even higher performance and reliability than earlier models, all in a compact PoE dome.


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