Automotive group upgrades security platform & improves efficiency

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Itech Digital recently worked together with Chariot Automotive Group to perform a thorough end user needs investigation, and the team determined that 3xlogic’s innovative, scalable Vigil Cloud solution was a perfect fit for this growing company's requirements.

Chariot Automotive Group sells new and pre-owned vehicles at five locations in north-central Indiana, along with quality parts and customer service.  Each of Chariot Automotive’s five locations has unique security needs. Physical space and up-front investment budget are limited, so the company was looking for a creative solution for their corporate office and four dealerships. Any new security solution had to meet Chariot’s demands for system ease of use and operational efficiency.

“In addition to our four dealerships, we needed a smaller-scale solution that would still deliver the performance demanded for our corporate headquarters,” said Nicholas Cass, Chariot Automotive IT Manager. The company worked with Indianapolis-based Itech Digital to identify a solution that would meet the entire organisation’s security requirements in the desired installation timeline.

With Vigil Cloud, Chariot Automotive has access to all the features of 3xlogic’s award-winning Vigil video management software along with the power, scalability, and ease of use that are hallmarks of cloud-based solutions.

After full system rollout, Chariot Automotive now has multiple IP megapixel cameras focused on the crucial entry points at each location, recording high-resolution motion video. Footage is stored and managed in the ultra-secure Cloud and remote viewing is accessed through the customer web portal and the Vigil Cloud app.

The Vigil Cloud solution does not require an on-site NVR, bridge, gateway, or any other hardware. This “plug and play” solution allows for fast installation and it will evolve as Chariot’s needs grow and change. “Vigil Cloud enabled us to avoid having any equipment onsite, so we avoided upfront expenditures and ongoing updates and server maintenance,” Cass said.

In addition to cost and space savings by not needing to invest in on-site recording and management equipment, Chariot Automotive can now quickly and easily share video information and insights with team members and other stakeholders. High-quality IP cameras deliver superior images, providing instant access to live and recorded video from anywhere, at any time. Further, Vigil Cloud’s Case Management feature empowers the company’s system administrators to locate, organise, store, annotate, and share video clips faster than ever with the user-friendly interface.

“Reviewing video remotely through the cloud has been extremely helpful and assigning user-based roles and permissions is much easier with the cloud-based platform,” concluded Cass.


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