Arlo supports open standards in home security

San Jose, Ca

Arlo Technologies, Inc., a leading smart home security brand, has affirmed its support for Matter, a connectivity standard built around a shared belief that smart home devices should be seamlessly interoperable, secure and reliable. Arlo is joining industry leaders to participate in the development of the open-source standard, further enhancing its ability to provide an integrated smart home security experience.

Through engineering efforts and partnerships, Arlo has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to an unmatched cross-platform experience. Arlo users benefit from more efficient, integrated access to popular Arlo features no matter which third-party smart home device is used in their home. Arlo's support for Matter further underscores the brand's agnostic stance in the smart home space, emphasising its leadership and ongoing commitment to broad-range compatibility.

“We're thrilled to affirm our partnership with Matter and be at the forefront of guiding the specification as it takes shape,” said Tejas Shah, Chief Information Officer and SVP of Software and Services at Arlo. “Innovation is at the core of Arlo's DNA. Collaboration with Matter members to advance the integration between Internet of Things devices - ultimately delivering home security solutions that are highly intuitive, secure, and simple to use - is the driving force behind our commitment.”


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