American Fibertek newly acquired by one woman owner

Somerset, NJ

American Fibertek has recently been wholly acquired by seasoned industry leader Donna Poulos. AFI is a technology manufacturing firm that produces a wide variety of electronic network security devices, switches, power supplies, converters and other crucial digital network hardware.

AFI has been firmly established over the course of three decades, with a solid customer base, and will continue to produce its high-quality products manufactured in America by American citizens.

"We are looking to utilise a new approach within our industry, placing a new emphasis on the importance of American made, domestically controlled products," said Poulos, AFI President and Owner. "Recent history has shown us that too many variables lie within and around foreign products, creating an unstable environment, even for American companies when they depend too heavily upon foreign elements."

"Established American companies are always a safer option for clients, because those companies have proven their reliability, incur no tariffs and are not susceptible to foreign market or currency manipulation," said Poulos. "People know that instinctively, and that's why you see so many companies who claim to be 'Made in the U.S.A' – but are, in actuality, just American-based assembly facilities using foreign parts. AFI has a solid tradition of American manufacture, without outsourcing labour to foreign plants, or cutting corners with cheaply made foreign hardware. We stress this so much because it's fundamentally important. And we'll continue that legacy under my watch."


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