Allegion aims to inspire new generations

Princeton, Il

Allegion Americas, a leading provider of security products and solutions, hosted more than 30 students at its Manufacturing Day in Princeton, Illinois – part of a nationwide effort to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

Supported by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) in the U.S., Manufacturing Day is an annual event in October when manufacturers open their doors to help educate people about the modern industry. Allegion held six Manufacturing Days throughout the month, impacting more than 450 students in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio and Washington.

“The future of manufacturing has never been brighter as the introduction of new digital tools, the application of technology and the strong focus to enhance the customer experience has never been greater. The opportunities for prospective employees to engage in meaningful, challenging work that utilises their vast array of skills and creates long-term career growth exists in many forms,” said Allegion Senior Vice President of Global Operations and Integrated Supply Chain Chris Muhlenkamp.

For nearly 70 years, the Illinois facility has produced LCN door closers. Students and teachers who attended Allegion’s 2019 Manufacturing Day there were given site tours to see, first-hand, how those products are made and how employees are empowered to innovate in manufacturing processes. The students also engaged in assembly workshops that exposed them to advanced skills in lean manufacturing.

Muhlenkamp told students, “A career in manufacturing provides an experience full of excitement, enthusiasm and learning, while creating friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. Individuals seeking to be empowered, to bring value each and every day, and to make a difference can find that challenge with a career in manufacturing here at Allegion.”

Allegion is not only working to attract new talent to the manufacturing industry, but also to reskill and upskill current talent. In fact, through its efforts to actively address what’s become known as the “skills gap,” Allegion is developing skilled trade apprenticeships and offering tuition reimbursement program opportunities.


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