Vivotek H.265 fisheye with deep learning technology

Taipei, Taiwan

Vivotek has introduced two new H.265 deep learning fisheye cameras, the FE9191 and FE9391-EV.

These two professional day-and-night 12-megapixel fisheye cameras provide 360-degree surround views with zero blind spots and come armed with Vivotek's self-developed deep learning technology, Smart 360 VCA. This technology includes intrusion detection, crowd detection, and loitering detection. Such capability transforms these surveillance cameras from capturing devices to advanced notification instruments and in the process significantly reduces false alarms.

Powered by Vivotek’s people tracking AI engine, the FE9191 and FE9391-EV are smart-fisheye cameras with Smart 360 VCA technology. The intrusion-detection function is designed to protect any specific area against unauthorised entry. The crowd detection function can detect and calculate how many persons occupy a given space and triggers alarms when capacity is reached in that area. Finally, the loitering detection function can detect a person or people remaining too long in any selected area. Further enhancing their functionality, both cameras are embedded with Trend Micro’s anti-intrusion software to provide users with higher levels of network protection. Working together, these advanced features ensure the new fisheye cameras are both highly intelligent and robustly secure.

“In the past, surveillance cameras were built to meet security demands. However, how one minimizes false alarms remains a challenge in the industry,” said Shengfu Cheng, Director of Marketing and Product Development Division, Vivotek Inc. “Thanks to the development of AI, the FE9191 and FE9391-EV smart-fisheye cameras are programmed to learn to differentiate between the motion of people and objects. With the Smart 360 VCA technology, our fisheye cameras extend beyond purely for security applications, instead becoming intelligent devices to analyse how many and how long people stayed in a specific area. We are committed to helping retailers and users improve business management efficiency while securing their assets with accurate identification.”


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