Vicon Industries launches Valerus Viconnet Gateway

Hauppauge, NY (USA)

The Valerus-Viconnet Gateway Solution from Vicon Industries is a new Valerus module designed to bridge existing Viconnet systems to Valerus

The Valerus-Viconnet Gateway offers a simple migration path for Viconnet system owners, allowing them to maintain use of Viconnet hardware and connected cameras while connecting to a Valerus network solution. “Gateway” is functional with the latest release of Valerus software, version 18, and Viconnet systems 5.6 or later.

When used as part of a Valerus/ViconNet system, a single Gateway can support up to 500 Viconnet channels; more than one may be used to support larger installations. Each device requires its own Gateway license. The Gateway software can be purchased pre-installed on Vicon certified hardware or may be installed on any computer meeting minimum hardware requirements, in a similar way to a Valerus NVR. Once connected to the network, Valerus functionality is extended to camera groups set up within the Viconnet Nucleus, allowing for live viewing and playback, PTZ control, dewarping of supported 360o cameras, and thumbnail and museum search.

“With the introduction of the Valerus-Viconnet Gateway, we are pleased to offer our loyal, long-time Viconnet customers with a simple and cost-effective means to transition to our new Valerus platform. Whether they are choosing to expand their system, or just want to upgrade their capabilities, the Gateway puts them on equal footing with new Valerus customers in what they can do with their VMS solution,“ said Bret McGowan, Vicon’s Senior VP of Sales and Marketing.


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