PIN secured Code Handle locks itself

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Code Handle removes the need to track cumbersome keys or install an expensive access control system.

With a Code Handle when the door closes, the Code Handle locks it. Users no longer need worry whether they locked the door or not.

Code Handle is designed as an attractive, slim, secure handle with a built-in PIN keypad. It adds reliable electronic security to almost any interior door without a bulky push-button unit disrupting room aesthetics. If a door facing a public space needs securing then Code Handle is able to do it subtly and stylishly.

For a stock room, medicine store, staff toilet or private office, Code Handle keeps unauthorised people out. When Code Handle is installed, the user sets a Master Code and can choose 9 additional user PINs (4–6 digits). For additional security, it blocks automatically when an intruder enters the wrong code 5 times.

If manual locking is preferred, just enter the admin PIN to disable Code Handle’s auto-locking feature. To keep a door open briefly, hold Code Handle down for 5 seconds and it remains temporarily unlocked. These innovative features make Code Handle simple yet secure.

Code Handle removes the need to track cumbersome keys or install an expensive access control system. One secure PIN code ensures only authorised people unlock the door.

Enter the PIN on the slim handle’s keypad and the door opens. Close the door and the Code Handle locks itself automatically.

And Code Handle is simple to install. Two screws fit the Code Handle to almost any interior door. There is no need to cable the door or connect it to the mains. Even the existing door cylinder does not need to be changed. Two standard batteries are simply slotted into the handle, then it is secured to the existing cylinder, and the room security is instantly upgraded.

When it comes to reliability, Code Handle is tested for at least 100,000 operations and fire-tested to EN 1363. A red flashing LED alert acts as a warning when batteries need changing.

With flexible auto-locking and easy installation, Code Handle keeps sensitive files, personal belongings or valuable stock separated and secure.


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