Overcoming the challenges of remote network security

Dartford, Kent (UK)

In a short time, COVID-19 has changed the professional workplace creating an urgent need for secure teleworking.

In situations like this, it is essential and a priority to protect the health of employees while maintaining efficient quality services for clients.

In doing this, the ability to secure data over public networks is necessary so that employees can connect to the corporate server, from any remote location, and have access to all the necessary resources.

There are many products and services on the market that allow remote access, but Thrulink from KBC  Networks is designed to make a clear difference, not only because of the level of security offered, but also because of the quality of the connection and the speed of data transmission.

Thrulink is a fully encrypted industrial hardware VPN that allows you to establish secure multicast or unicast connections over any public or private network.  In addition, unlike many companies that offer these products and services today, it does not require recurring fees, licenses or maintenance contracts.


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