OT Systems in China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre HK Open Lab

Hong , China

(From Left to Right) Mr Calvin Wong, Business Development Director of OT Systems; Mr Sean Lee, CEO of China Mobile Hong Kong; Mr Peter Chau, CEO of OT Systems

China Mobile Hong Kong, a telecommunication corporation recently hosted the grand opening of the China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre and Hong Kong Open Lab at the Hong Kong Science Park, and OT Systems was invited to conduct a 5G test, showcasing its Mobile Surveillance Solution designed to control excessive speeding on the roads.

During the event OT Systems set up a mobile surveillance station in the Hong Kong Science Park, whereby live surveillance video would be sent to the management platform at the Hong Kong Open Lab through a 5G wireless network. Meanwhile, with AI deep-learning, the system could recognise related vehicle information such as vehicle type, speed and number plate, and determine whether there was excessive speeding. The bandwidth of the 5G network was able to support the transmission of the 4K ultra HD surveillance video. It was able to increase the accuracy of AI analysis and transmission speeds.

OT Systems' IoT Mobile Surveillance is a Rapid Deployment Security Solution for environmental protection, city infrastructure planning, traffic control, construction site safety and security, remote, and non-powered sites. The solution is also available on a rental basis as an alternative to purchasing the whole system.

OT Systems is focusing more and more on the development of smart city solutions and on mobile surveillance with AIoT and Big Data technology. 


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