Nedap adds mobile features to Mace platform

Groenlo, The Netherlands

Nedap is releasing significant new possibilities in the Mace platform to seamlessly fit it into the technical and organisational environment of clients.

Mace can now be used to send and revoke virtual access control cards to smartphones in any security or parking application. This expansion and enhancement of the mobile access control platform offers unlimited potential for integration and effective use.

“Mace already offered a great deal of functionality to security managers that were looking to store virtual access control cards on a smartphone. With Mace, it is very easy for administrators to distribute and revoke those virtual cards. And for users it is very easy to gain access. This functionality is improved even further with additional features related to credential management and communication with users,” says Maarten Mijwaart, General Manager of Nedap Identification Systems. “In addition, clients now can build the functionality into their own access control system and they can create their own custom apps. It is our belief that these new features make Mace the platform of choice for any organisation that is looking for a solution to empower its users with the ability to use the smartphone as a key.”

The newly introduced features of the Mace platform offer improved credential management and user communication.  The new Mace App SDK is able to be used to develop a Mace compatible app with custom look and feel and potential integration with client specific functionality. The Mace Rest API can be used to exchange commands between the cloud based Mace Admin Portal and third party access control systems. Access control administrators now can send and revoke virtual access cards to their users from within the application that they are used to.

The new Mace Admin Portal offers additional possibilities to automate the process of allocating and revoking virtual cards and the communication related to that.  And this newest version of the Mace Apps for Google Android phones and Apple Iphones offer enhanced BLE performance and additional security features.

The number of companies offering mobile access control is increasing.  Nedap’s Mace mobile access control solution truly matches the clients’ demands. Not only do the new features enable a seamless integration into any access control or parking management system, they also complement their processes.

With the introduction of the Mace platform, Nedap responds to the global shift of smartphone credentials replacing physical cards. Mace can be used in combination with any access control system or any other system that requires the swift identification of people, such as building or parking management systems.


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