IPS version 9 new product release

Munich, Germany

IPS outdoor detection on the company's latest version 9 release

With the software release 9.0 IPS Intelligent Video Analytics provides its customers and partners with numerous new and optimised features of the IPS Videomanager, IPS Videoanalytics and IPS Analyticsmanager

The current release focuses on a substantially increased IT security, several new and simplified interfaces for integration into third-party systems as well as extended functions of various video analytics. 

The new release includes optimised IT security and easier integration into third-party-systems. In the video surveillance industry in particular, the highest levels of IT security are of utmost importance.  IPS has already dealt with this issue already in the past at the highest level. Due to ever increasing threats and a more and more networked infrastructure, IPS has dedicated yet even more attention to subjects such as encryption and the use of certificates. Thus, by using for example more secure and up-to-date transmission protocols as well as a temporary blocking of the password registration after multiple wrong entries, hacker attacks are effectively counteracted.

Moreover, video streams are transmitted via the secure transmission protocol HTTPS between camera (Axis) and Device Server; additional security is provided with the support of the protocol TLS1.2. In addition to the comprehensive SOAP interface, IPS also provides three new TCP interfaces with software version 9.0 which considerably simplify the integration into third-party-systems and provide the user with a greater choice to select from depending on the volume and complexity of the system integration. With these new interfaces, the IPS Videomanager provides the highest flexibility possible for its customers and partners.

IPS Videoanalytics is now incorporated with extended functions with this latest version 9.0, several of the server and camera-based video analytics receive extended functions as well as an improvement of their visual display. For example the Public Transport module has been complemented by an additional surveillance zone: Apart from the track bed surveillance itself the module now also detects if people linger on the safety strip of train platforms for example, which can lead to a security risk when trains are arriving or departing. Also, the Outdoor Detection module has been equipped with an additional new function and now offers the option of a direction-independent detection.

The camera and server-based Loitering Detection module has received a massive extension and is now equipped with a substantially longer adjustable alarm trigger time. This is very helpful for example for the surveillance of cash machines, in order to detect persons dwelling at this spot for an unusually long time.

"We are proud to be able to provide yet even higher security levels for data transmissions with the new version 9.0 and make our products even more attractive to the market with our updated and powerful features and interfaces. With the considerably longer “object detection time” within the Loitering module for example, we will be able to open up a multitude of new business opportunities for our partners and customers,” says Agnetha Kleiner, Head of Marketing and Sales at IPS Intelligent Video Analytics.


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