Idis enhances VMS with new video features

Brentford, Middlesex (UK)

(Right) James Min, Managing Director, Idis Europe

Idis has further enhanced its Idis Center VMS, adding new features and functions targeted at small to mid-sized enterprises, and multi-site customers. These latest enhancements are designed to deliver operational benefits and reduced cost of ownership for small, medium, and multi-site users.

Organisations can build powerful centralised monitoring solutions, quickly and easily, when implementing Idis Center together with the wide selection of Idis Direct IP cameras and powerful NVRs. These deliver customer life-cycle savings of 50% or more compared with server-based solutions, thanks to reduced installation time, no upfront or ongoing license fees, easier maintenance and the Idis Ultimate Warranty.

Important new features now included with the cost-free, license-free Idis Center VMS include Mapvue, an easy-to-use search function that speeds up operator navigation across building layouts and floor plans. Its intuitive interface helps users to view live, and play back video streams across multi-camera systems, while maintaining an overview perspective of their facilities’ layouts and camera positions. Mapvue also provides easy bookmarking, allowing operators to search the recorded data for persons and activity of interest. Bookmarked footage can then be saved in an Excel file, creating a library of video clips.

Idis Center users can also now benefit from Idis Instant Meta Filtering (IMF) capabilities without any licensing or maintenance fees when using the new range of Idis 6000 Series Edge VA (EVA) cameras. IMF speeds up incident investigations from days or hours to mere minutes. It allows operators to easily collate footage and scan hours of recorded video, from multiple streams, to pinpoint the movements and last-known locations of persons or vehicles of interest.

“With these innovative features Idis Center is delivering great new benefits and further improving value for our customers,” says James Min, Managing Director, Idis Europe.

Surveillance configured with Idis Center at its heart also ensures greater cyber security, because devices mutually authenticate and eliminate the need for passwords to be entered manually. In addition, Idis For Every Network (FEN) technology lets engineers connect sites to a control room or other centralised monitoring environment with one-click configuration.

Idis Center gives users essential features they need to centrally and locally manage surveillance operations. These include live video and remote playback, real-time notifications of events, panic recordings, device system logs, and authority access set by individuals or groups. Plus, its user-friendly interface is not only appreciated by security operatives but also praised by non-specialists, including teaching staff, healthcare professionals, and store managers who regularly need to access surveillance to investigate incidents quickly and efficiently.

“Thousands of customers worldwide are benefitting from the low cost of ownership that Idis Center offers,” Min adds. “With the ability to register up to 1024 devices, Idis Center is powerful enough for medium to large sites. It’s particularly beneficial to multi-site retailers tasked with the dual challenge of reducing shrinkage while keeping operating costs low.”


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