Dallmeier presents future-proof video analytics

Regensburg, Germany

Dallmeier will focus on the importance of data in video analytics next month in Frankfurt

The automatic or semi-automatic analysis of data plays an increasingly important role in video security technology. Here, the image quality is decisive for the result of the analysis.  Dallmeier, will present this concept at the GPEC 2020 trade fair, in Frankfurt from 18th to 20th February 2020.

GPEC 2020 is marketed as Europe's largest closed specialised exhibition for police and security authorities, and the German manufacturer of video information technology Dallmeier will show visitors how they can implement future-proof video analysis applications at the event. A lecture by Dallmeier Safe City expert Frank Salder at the conference "Video Intelligence 2020" completes the trade fair presence.

Powerful analysis results through precisely defined image quality

There is hardly a better way to extract all kinds of data from complex contexts with relatively little effort than a video image. The possibilities range from "crowd analysis" for counting people in public spaces to the securing of "sterile areas" with the help of AI-based object classification. Despite all the enthusiasm for such innovative assistance systems, one thing is often underestimated: the importance of data quality. As a result, according to the rule "Quality In, Quality Out", the quality of the analysis results can of course only be as good as the image quality and thus the quality of the input data. Already during the planning stage Dallmeier offers customers the possibility to precisely define the so called "pixel density" values defined according to DIN EN 62676-4, such as 62.5, 125, 250 pixels per metre (px/m) in every part of the monitored area – depending on whether, for example, 62.5 px/m is required for an AI-based object classification or 250 px/m for court usability to identify individuals.

Optimum situational awareness 

The patented multifocal sensor cameras "Panomera" from Dallmeier, which have recently been awarded the European patent in addition to the German patent for their functionality, can provide the required minimum resolution for video analysis even over large areas. Even if several operators independently zoom in on relevant events, the system continues to record the remaining scene. This combination of the advantages of PTZ and megapixel cameras enables police and security officers to obtain an optimal overview of the situation, while still being able to search with the required minimum resolution, even within recorded footage. Since a Panomera system replaces many individual single-sensor cameras and their infrastructure, operators can keep the total cost of ownership to a minimum.

Data protection "made in Germany"

Dallmeier's AI-based systems support emergency services not only by means of an intelligent pre-selection of events, people counting, automatic object tracking or forensic evaluation. The imageless data acquisition to generate anonymised data also plays an important role. Regardless of the video analysis application, Dallmeier equips its technology components with state-of-the-art functions for data protection and data security. This ensures that police and security authorities can use Dallmeier systems in the most diverse scenarios in absolute compliance with data protection regulations (e.g. according to GDPR).

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