New Civintec web server access control system

Shenzhen, China

Civintec Global has released the latest updated version of its Crystal Touch terminal, CT9; it is a modern access control system suitable for both online and offline access control in various applications.

The CT9 is a stylish and modern Linux based 3.5” touch screen reader, that supports dual 125KHz & 13.56MHz AES encrypted smart card, NFC/BLE mobile ID and Pincodes. With its embedded web server, TCP/IP & relay output, the CT9 is an IP online reader to receive/post commands to the customer's cloud server and build a cloud server managed system. Under network mode, the CT9 reads a smart card ID/mobile ID or pin code and sends it to the server for identification in the server database.  If the ID/pin code is authorised, then the server will send a command to the reader relay output to open the door lock. When the network is disconnected, the CT9 can still work as a standalone device to store 9999 user cards and 100,000 events. When the network is then connected, all the local events will be uploaded to the server.

The CT9 can work as a Client, and automatically detect if the server is running online. When the CT9 establishes connection with the cloud server, it can automatically receive HTTP commands from the cloud server or actively send HTTP commands to the cloud server. When the cloud server is running, the CT9 works in network mode which means it will send the detected card ID/mobile ID (BLE or NFC) to the online server to judge its validity and, it waits for the command from the server to control the CT9 relay output to open the door lock or turnstile. When the cloud server is offline,  the CT9 turns to offline mode to read and identify the card ID by itself and this mode supports 9999 card holders and as well as pin codes.


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