Civintec CT9 offers network connection auto-detection

Shenzhen, China

Civintec Global has just released an advanced highly-secure access control terminal with innovative BLE and RFID technology; the intelligent Crystal Touch access control terminal, CT9.

With a 3.5 inch touch screen and stylish design, the CT9 is a Linux based RFID access control terminal, which supports 125KHz, 13.56MHz AES encrypted smart cards & NFC tags, and advanced BLE/NFC mobile ID access credentials. With its embedded web server, TCP/IP (HTTP) and relay control, the CT9 is especially designed for server centralised management solutions, to allow the server to control and monitor access in real-time synchronisation under online mode.

The CT9 detects the status of network connection and initiates the connection to the client’s cloud server automatically. After connecting to the server, the CT9 reads the smart card ID/mobile ID/pincode and posts a request to the web server to identify; the server then responds to the CT9 to grant/deny access under standard HTTP protocol.

Moreover, the CT9 can also function as a powerful standalone controller to store up to 9,000+ user cards and 50,000+ event logs in case of network interruption/disconnection. The administrator can directly add/delete/edit users on the device, which is easy accomplish and there is no need for complex configuration. Versatile identification modes are also offered for selection to optimise user experience.


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