Avigilon releases latest ACM upgrade

Vancouver, Canada

The release of the Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) 6 system introduces a new model for ordering and delivering end-customer licenses by simplifying how they are issued, distributed and managed.

This new process offers the opportunity for customers to get up and running faster, helping to increase efficiencies. ACM 6 promotes ease of deployment by including default door and wiring templates, support for large card formats and extended support for Mercury controllers.

The ACM system integrates with the Avigilon Control Center­ (ACC) video management software seamlessly, allowing users to search for a person using their ACM cardholder information to view video clips of related door activity. The unification feature of ACM and ACC leverages the power of Avigilon Appearance Search technology, which makes it possible to search for a person of interest based on their identity name directly from the ACC interface. This allows customers to secure their facility faster and more efficiently.

"The ACM system is transformational in its ability to integrate with ACC software, offering users a seamless solution for both video security and access control,” said John Kedzierski, senior vice president, Video Security Solutions at Motorola Solutions. “Combined with greater licensing flexibility, this unification makes ACM a streamlined solution to meet the needs of our customers and end-users.”


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