Vivotek cameras secure Iranian hospital

Bushehr City, Iran

To enhance the security network within the Khalij Hospital in Bushehr city, the authorities recently commissioned Pooya Fara Negar (PFN), Vivotek's local distributor, to install a security network in March 2014.
To ensure patient safety and optimise medical quality, a reliable surveillance system is critical for hospitals, especially for those located in highly populated areas. Bushehr is the capital of Bushehr Province, which is located in southeastern Iran. With a population of over 200,000, demands on medical care are high in Bushehr City. As one of the biggest hospitals in Bushehr City, Khalij Hospital endeavours to provide top quality medical care.

For this project, 208 Vivotek cameras were deployed, including 80 FD8166, 95 FD8136, 15 PZ8121, 1 FD8162, 15 IP8362, and 2 SD8362E to provide security in various corners of the Khalij Hospital. For corridors and indoor areas, FD8166 and FD8136 were installed. FD8166 and FD8136 are thought to be the world’s smallest fixed dome network cameras; making them the ideal choice for small spaces. With a reported setup time of less than 120 seconds, the installation of both cameras was accomplished quickly and easily.

With a size of only 90 mm in diameter, Vivotek FD8136 and FD8166 are an all-in-one surveillance solution that fulfills a wide variety of needs for indoor surveillance. PZ8121, a PoE PTZ network camera, was installed at the nurse station because of its high-performance network camera featuring 10x optical zoom and pan/tilt functionality, thereby ensuring top security for the area, which is the first line when protecting patient safety. The FD8162 is characterised by its use of wide dynamic range (WDR) technology, which offers an extended camera range that covers a larger span between bright and dark areas in the image. WDR cameras are generally used in places with high contrast lighting conditions, such as building entrances and areas near windows, and so the FD8162 was the most suitable product to be installed at the entrances of Khalij Hospital. 

Vivotek’s IP8362, designed with a removable IR-cut filter and built-in IR illuminators for both day and night applications and IP67-rated housing, is designed as a top tier outdoor bullet network camera for diverse outdoor applications. As for the speed dome network camera SD8362E, it offers full HD resolution and WDR pro technology, which enables users to identify image details in extremely bright as well as dark environments. In addition, the SD8362E with a 20x optical zoom lens is engineered to capture crystal clear image details. For these reasons, the IP8362 and SD8362E were selected for the outdoor areas of the hospital.

The ST7501 is a video management software that features reliable recording and easy video management. Vivotek ST7501 provides functions such as recording, live media data, and instant playback, all of which can be installed and operated on a single computer or separate computers according to the client's preferences. ST7501 is able to record network video streams at a maximum of 32 channels. For video playback, numerous advanced functions such as searching, browsing, and exporting can be used. These are some of the qualities that are designed to guarantee excellent security management, an objective that according to the company, Vivotek products met in Khalij Hospital.

Hospital security is highly associated with medical quality. It is necessary to create a good medical environment for both medical personnel and patients. These Vivotek products are able to provide state-of-the-art technology for the hospital and the company anticipates further collaboration with more hospitals and medical institutions in the future to help increase patient well-being and create a friendlier medical environment.

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