Smart traffic solution drives urban governance efficiency

Hong Kong, China

Smart Traffic Control is fast becoming one of the focuses of urban governance. The traffic system forms the blood vessels of a city. It facilitates the development of business and infrastructure, and promotes cultural and technological development. Smart traffic control can enhance the efficiency of urban operations and in turn makes for more comprehensive urban governance.

In addition to relieving traffic problems, smart traffic control is able to integrate police security systems and improve public security. As such the smart city solution is beginning to humanise the city whilst at the same time following the trend for a smarter environment, and achieving sustainable development. The new traffic systems focus on planning and management. They change the concept from “setting a vehicle-based system” to “developing a sustainable traffic environment with elements of security, user-friendliness, comfort, and health”.

AI video recognition helps smart traffic control

The relationship between smart traffic and video surveillance applications is undeniable. Captured video from the system will recognise related objects and behaviours with the use of AI deep-learning which also helps to decrease errors caused by human intervention.

AI video analysis is able to recognise various vehicle information such as number plates, vehicle types, vehicle colours, and speed, etc. By integrating with the transportation system from the government, it could collect useful information and execute customised action: traffic flow control, traffic control at a particular spot, illegal parking improvement, traffic congestion improvement, lost vehicle recognition, further action such as a ban on a vehicle in contravention of law to be driven on a road, car park management enhancement, and cargo clearance automation, etc. With the help of video analysis to improve public security and logistic efficiency, the operation of related government departments becomes more efficient.

Diversified integration service, data collection and smart control

Currently, the smart city infrastructures in different cities have progressed from the stages of R&D, demonstration & testing, to the stages of expansion and promotion. According to the company, the one-stop smart city solution from OT Systems breaks away from the previous limitations and is able to fulfill the needs of diversified smart traffic.

Moreover, integration with the one-stop smart city solution and traffic management system, government offices could collect and detect related information, and make statistical analysis based on past information anytime anywhere. With increasing data and improving algorithms, the accuracy of outputs for urban traffic based on the law of large numbers increases. It improves on the application on different control and management strategies, and is able to provide proof of the value-added by a smart traffic system.


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