Mobile surveillance helps to reduce workplace incidents

Hong Kong, China

According to various reports and statistics, falling is one of the major accident types that causes serious body injury or even death. It is at the top of the list for occupational injury the world over and accounts for a high percentage of deaths each year.

Some of the main causes of these falls from a height are often cited as a lack of proper prevention and safety concepts being in place. An aerial lift vehicle covers a wide range of industries, from indoors to outdoors, workplaces to public places. It implies that today's occupational safety is closely related to public safety. Therefore, how to implement safety management of working at height is a key issue in the construction industry.

The smart city concept has become a major trend in today's urban development, the monitoring system is also moving forward to a smart transformation. To ensure the safety of working at height and control the access at construction sites, OT Systems has developed a unique mobile IoT solution - a one-stop integration solution by using a variety of innovative technologies.

The system includes functions of Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), Position Tracking/Accident Alarm, as well as the Management Platform and Data Report. 

By setting up its detection system (cameras or sensors) at the entrance and exit of the construction site, the IVA function of the integrated mobile system is able to identify the workers’ appearance, verify their qualifications and licenses, and check whether they are wearing helmets and safety gears properly. It can prevent accidents effectively and promote public safety from the gate.

By equipping the safety guards with sensors to detect a falling position and the condition of the workers instantly, an alarm will be issued proactively to the safety officer when there is an accident to prevent further repercussions.

And, files for attendance, safety and faults can be verified and saved by the management for review. Additionally a big data report can be generated on all safety-related incidents, in order for personnel management materials to be provided for future training, planning and operations management, as well as for making project decisions for greater efficiency with lower risk.

This new offering of security facilitation, AIoT Surveillance Solution, from OT Systems could be applied to construction sites for identification, access control, accident prevention and project management. The tailor-made safety belts and halyards ensure that workers are wearing belts and helmets properly during work, and the position tracking function can help to prevent accidents such as falling.


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