Leisure sector demands intelligent and versatile security

London, UK

For many leisure attractions, wired electronic security is not an option. Locations may be remote — far beyond the reach of mains electricity. Assets themselves may be outside. However, cabling is not always essential for effective intelligent access control.

Robust, battery-powered locking, backed by intuitive admin software can provide access from anywhere, matching or sometimes exceeding the functionality of traditional wired access control. Padlocks built to withstand climate extremes integrate within a system exactly like standard interior locks.

According to Assa Ably, intelligent electronic key systems are also budget friendly. Making the switch from mechanical security is not an all-or-nothing decision. The company suggests that the best intelligent key systems can be rolled out gradually, as needs evolve and budgets allow. For example, the Llyn Brenig Reservoir and Visitor Centre in Wales attracts thousands of tourists every year. Both mechanical and electromechanical locking protect a site which houses critical infrastructure and watersports facilities — with disparate security needs. Here electromechanical locking brings long-term cost savings to site owners Welsh Water, because locks no longer need to be changed when keys are lost. Permissions are simply deleted from the system software.

Additionally, in 2015, Twycross Zoo provides a further example, when it launched a £55 million, two-decade development plan. High on the agenda was a new intelligent key solution to replace a mechanical master-key system which was labour-intensive to administer. The new system’s flexibility has put zoo security managers in full control of their site. Only staff with the necessary authority and training can access animal enclosures.

It is simple for system administrators to issue time-defined user keys. These can permit vets or zookeepers access to enclosures for a specific time period outside regular hours — for example, in an emergency. When the period expires, the key no longer works and site integrity is automatically restored.


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