Intelligent keys help authorities address empty housing crime

London, UK

The access rights of any key can be amended or revoked at any time.

Passing keys securely between staff members was a major cause of delay for the Rotherham borough council until they opted to install the solution offered by the Cliq combination of electronic and mechanical security locking systems.

Resilience and efficiency have become watchwords for our public institutions, before, during and after the ongoing health crisis. In delivering services fit for the modern world, these institutions need more than just innovation and accountability. They require flexibility and agility, too, including in how they approach security.

With crime against empty properties on the rise, public authorities in the Rotherham authorities aimed to minimise the time a council house stands vacant. However, workers from multiple departments require access to prepare a property for a new tenant and passing the keys securely between the relevant staff members was a major cause of delay.

Additionally, lost keys present mechanical security with its most intractable problem. When a key goes missing, time and budget are expended to remedy the situation. Extensive rekeying and reissuing to relevant keyholders are complex and expensive. Programmable keys, however, solve the problem quickly.

When the key has a brain, you can do more with less. These efficiencies are critical in a world where demands on our public institutions are at levels not seen in generations.

At Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC), intelligent key technology helped streamline their workflows, upgrading security and saving money at the same time. RMBC identified physical key handover as a major bottleneck in their workflow. They needed a solution to speed up the process.

Now, each relevant RMBC staff member is issued with their own programmable key. Using simple online software, security managers issue the precise permissions which every staff member needs. The access rights of any key can be amended or revoked at any time.

In addition, physical handover of mechanical keys — and the time and money spent coordinating this process — has been eliminated.

The Assa Abloy Cliq lock series are installed without wires: every cylinder’s power is supplied by a battery inside the Cliq key. These keys are physically identical and programmable by a system administrator using a desktop updater; by keyholders with a portable programmer; or in the case of Cliq Connect Bluetooth-enabled keys, via an encrypted connection to a secure smartphone app, minimizing both wasted journeys and unnecessary social contact between workers and office staff.

Intuitive software makes it simple to manage access rights, enable and disable keys and customise access schedules, on site or on the go.


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