Hanwha introduces retail intelligence solutions

Chertsey, Surrey

Facit People Counting in Wisenet cameras

The long standing technology partnership between Hanwha Techwin and Facit Data Systems has resulted in selected Wisenet cameras being able to take full advantage of Facit’s powerful Calculus server based intelligent retail video analytics software, to deliver a new generation of Retail Intelligence solutions.

The Wisenet Heatmap and People Counting cameras enable retailers to identify lost sales opportunities by monitoring continuously updated live reports and view comparative hourly and weekly reports on footfall, store hotspots and dwell times, as well as how long customers have to queue.

“At a time when competition has never been fiercer within the retail sector, knowledge of customer in-store behaviour is crucial in order to ensure every sales opportunity is seized,” said Tim Biddulph, Head of Product and Solutions for Hanwha Techwin Europe.

“The reports which are generated via the Wisenet Heatmap and People Counting cameras and the Calculus server base analytics software will assist retailers, from small convenience stores to superstores, to identify in a number of different ways how to enhance the customer experience and minimise lost sales opportunities. These include comparing the number of people who enter a store with actual sales, customer buying patterns and helping manage the peaks and troughs at checkouts.

The Calculus solution is designed for large retail stores and supports bi-directional people counting and heat mapping with real time and time lapse viewing functions. Up to 64 Wisenet Heatmap or People Counting cameras can be connected to Calculus using a single core i7 PC. On-going multiples of up to 64 cameras can be added by installing additional PCs, with almost limitless configuration options to enable the end-user to tailor the system to meet their precise requirements. Reports are available in real-time from anywhere on the network.

For smaller store applications, Facit’s Argus analytics solution is available in four variations. These provide a choice of single and two channel aspect view with bi-directional people counter and single and two channel real-time/time-lapse heat map, as well as a combined single channel with bi-directional people counter and a single channel real-time/time-lapse heat map option.

“Our aim in pre-loading the Facit applications onto our open platform Wisenet cameras is to save system integrators considerable time and effort in having to research the wide range of video analytics software on the market,” said Tim Biddulph. “Peace of mind comes with the knowledge that Hanwha Techwin has extensively evaluated and tested all the specialist applications which are supplied out-of-box with selected cameras.”

Heatmapping: The 12 megapixel Wisenet PNF-9010R/FHM 360° Heatmap camera has on-board dewarping, enabling a variety of alternative viewing modes, including single panorama, double panorama and quad views.

People Counting: The 2 megapixel Wisenet XND-6080/FPC bi-directional people counting camera is part of the Wisenet X camera series which is supercharged by the most powerful chipset ever incorporated into a full camera range and features the world’s best wide dynamic range (WDR) and the world’s best motorised varifocal low light lens.

A powerful proprietary chipset enables Wisenet X series cameras to meet the requirements of any retail environment regardless of the lighting conditions, from bursts of bright sunlight, to almost total darkness, without the need for IR LEDs or supplementary lighting.

Depending on the field of view, images captured by the Wisenet Heatmap and People Counting cameras can also be used by security personnel to detect any suspicious activity as well as provide valuable business intelligence for marketing, merchandising, human resources and retail operations departments. The XND-6080/FPC even has an audio analysis function which recognises different types of sound, such as gunshots, explosions, screams, and broken glass.

The Wisenet Heatmap and People Counting cameras are fully supported by Hanwha Techwin’s comprehensive range of video recording solutions. They have also been integrated with Smart Security Manager (SSM) and Facit analytics software to enable people counting and customer behaviour data to be monitored in real-time, and for the generation of customised reports covering defined time periods.


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