Dallmeier & Anyvision form strategic alliance

Regensburg, Germany

Dallmeier Hemisphere Semsy now integrates with Anyvision facial recognition as part of the new strategic partnership between the two companies.

German manufacturer Dallmeier has developed a partnership with Anyvision, a pioneer in AI-based facial, body, and object recognition. The aim of the cooperation is to integrate Anyvision’s facial recognition technology into the Dallmeier Hemisphere. The Hemisphere software platform offers customers from various industries a wide variety of modular solutions for security applications and business process optimisation.

This allows customers of the Dallmeier Hemisphere software platform to access and leverage the data within various solution suites. Specifically, Anyvision’s facial recognition solution will be integrated into the Dallmeier Hemisphere Semsy video and security management suite, as well as in other solution suites of the Hemisphere platform, such as the situational awareness / incident management or data and security information management solutions.

"In today’s increasingly complex world, customers need solutions that can integrate powerful components from leading manufacturers within a single platform strategy. Partnerships like this with Anyvision ensure that our customers always have the optimal combination of leading technologies at their disposal," said Dieter Dallmeier, Founder & CEO, Dallmeier. "Dallmeier’s solutions in sectors such as safe city, stadiums, airports, logistics, casinos but also in the processing industry cover more and more topics that go far beyond classic video security technology. This makes it all the more important to work together with the right partners for complementary technologies which, when combined, offer decisive added value".

The partnership is also part of Anyvision’s mission to make its innovative AI-powered technology available to more businesses and environments across the globe. Unlike other software solutions in the market, Anyvision’s software is plug-and-play for new and existing systems, and able to overcome challenges such as occlusions, different angles of view, and poor lighting conditions.

Boris Gokhman, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Anyvision, commented: "Facial, body, and object recognition have real-world benefits right now. Collaborating with best-of-breed technology partners to help more organisations ‒ working across diverse sectors ‒ harness new capabilities and achieve those benefits is hugely important to us. We are delighted to be working with Dallmeier on this and look forward to expanding this partnership in the future".


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