Dahua HOC embraces the era of “Intelligent Twins"

Hangzhou, China

At the 17th China Public Security Expo (CPSE 2019 - Shenzhen), at the end of October and with the theme “Dahua Heart of City - Leading The Intelligent Twins Evolution”, Dahua Technology, displayed its solution achievements under its new Smart City structure, including Safe City, Smart Traffic, Smart Retail, Smart Firefighting, and other success cases. The company also showed its HD Panorama, AI, 5G and other intelligent products, providing a technological global security feast for the attendees at the event.

With the continuous iteration of information technology, technological innovation promotes the transformation of digital economy to the intelligent economy era. Under the Dahua HOC strategy, Dahua Technology continuously builds its core competence around Digital Twins and Intelligent Twins, supporting the “Business as the leader, Data as the foundation, Technology as the tool” philosophy, and solidifying the new driving force of closed-loop customer value.

Every exhibition area of Dahua Technology displayed innovated applications for city operations, corporate management, and consumers, presenting an overall insight of its latest practical solutions.

For example, the Dahua HOC Safe City Solution supports IoT multi-dimensional sensing, big data, cloud data, AI and other technologies. It carries out an intelligent platform in building new “Online Police” mode, which has been implemented in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Guizhou and other cities of China, comprehensively improving the practical application and efficiency of public security.

The Dahua HOC Smart Traffic Solution utilises the construction of sensing centres, capability centres and business centres in achieving a closed-loop data value chain, driving towards more accurate and efficient intelligent traffic management. With continuous in-depth implementation, the solution has been gaining positive results for the Zhejiang Province Highway Traffic Police, Liuzhou City Traffic Police and other locations.

The Dahua HOC Smart Retail Solution and the Smart Firefighting Solution were also presented at the show.

Additionally, in terms of AI achievements, Dahua Technology has also successfully applied face recognition, target tracking, intelligent transportation algorithm, 3D AR and other AI technologies into its products, greatly improving security efficiency.


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