Correctional facility improves security with Dvtel analytic cameras

Ridgefield, NJ (USA)

The Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, has installed Dvtel's ioimage intelligent video analytic security cameras to assist in providing improved perimeter protection for its skilled nursing facility and a nearby cell block area where prison inmates are locked down in their cells the majority of the day.
The Elayn Hunt facility uses ioimage security cameras with onboard video analytics to establish a virtual fence within the perimeter 24x7. Upon a registered activation, the smart cameras stream video of a potential intruder in the restricted area across the network. With smart cameras maintaining a watch of the perimeter and generating alerts upon detection of suspicious behaviour, the facility sees the potential to reduce the need for manned guard towers. In addition, the video from an alert highlights and identifies the subject, providing timely information for command center operators needing to quickly assess threat levels.

By deploying Dvtel ioimage technology, Elayn Hunt officers in this area of the facility respond only to analytics-generated alerts, reducing their reliance on full time observation of live security cameras and potentially reducing wasted time viewing lengthy video streams trying to identify breaches in the restricted zones. A patrol vehicle provides live monitoring of these zones as well.

“Smart security cameras with video analytics are more reliable than a person sitting in a tower for 12 hours, and the technology will alert and buzz staff when someone is breaching the fence,” explained John Whiteman, Vice President of Strategic Programs for Dvtel.

The correctional facility is using the WDC 100dn ioicam to cover 3,000 linear feet of perimeter fence surrounding the 200-bed skilled nursing facility and cell block area. Elayn Hunt Correctional Center houses a total of 2,100 inmates in minimum, medium, and maximum security areas.

“Like most states, Louisiana is going through a budget crunch, so they are trying to maximize their prison system manpower by leveraging technology,” said Billy Ridge, Director of Sales for MMR Communication, the systems integrator for the project.

Each WDC 100dn security camera views approximately 240 linear feet of fencing and is configured to identify and notify correctional officers should anyone try to climb the prison perimeter fence. The video is monitored by officers in multiple locations of the facility.

The WDC 100dn is an ultra-wide-dynamic-range IP colour day/night security camera with built-in video analytics. It can detect intruders, suspicious baggage, stopped vehicles and removed items by leveraging proprietary algorithms and Pixim video image processing to provide crisp, fine-tuned images for optimum detection and best security-usable video even in extreme lighting and harsh weather conditions.

“Dvtel’s ioimage intelligent video cameras with the video analytics built in provide a proven and reliable method for detecting incidents, so much so that several prisons have deployed this solution to assist with detecting potential escapees,” said Whiteman. “Our Smart Security Solutions offer reliable, cost-effective solutions that leverage the benefits of technology to improve operator efficiency and response time.”

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