Civintec campus attendance solution

Shenzhen, China

Civintec, a leading designer and manufacturer of smart card terminals and devices, has released its latest Utouch Campus time attendance solution to respond to the rising demand for this type of technology from campuses worldwide.

Utouch Campus delivers an intelligent web cloud solution for school time attendance and access control system with student and staff archives to manage a secure and real time control solution. Support for SMS alerts means parents can be kept informed of student’s clock in and clock out times at school in real time. Utouch X provides a cost-saving solution by using a cloud server SMS service to avoid the high costs on massive SMS distribution.

The solution offers automated time attendance management on lateness, early leave, outside duty, absence and holidays for students with real time tracking, and it can also track the faculty and staff for exact working times to improve workforce efficiency. The student and staff information can be archived with visible pictures and customisable data for easy management. The solution can give different levels of authorisation to access into layers of a data-base to benefit the comprehensive management requirements for school faculty and staff within an educational institute.

The entrance system manages physical access to classrooms or meeting rooms with time attendance management to avoid unregistered people being given access.  Its advanced secure function will manage physical access to the entrances and gates of the buildings, classrooms, library or car park to ensure personnel and property security on campus with unlimited control points. 

Utouch X can manage massive users, 25000 fingerprint templates, 100,000 contactless smart cards and unlimited pin codes. With 1G memory space, Utouch X can store 1,000,000 event logs for security management with intelligent data-driven decisions.The Utouch X Campus Cloud Attendance System, if required, will send an SMS message to a parents mobile phone, informing the check in and out time of their children automatically. Via the camera, the Utouch X terminal will automatically capture an image when students check in and out at a classroom; these images can be put on the reporting records for easy management and security enhancement.  The Utouch X terminal is designed to easily and flexibly connect to a network through TCP/IP Ehternet, 4G and wifi connection with smart switching.  It can be centrally managed via web-based cloud software with unlimited control points.

With Android 5.1 or Linux OS, Utouch X performs as an open platform with expandable software functionality that extends its capabilities on library management, campus catering payments, and campus general purpose management.  Users can login anytime anywhere to view all data and remotely manage the system from different locations. 


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