Addsecure finalises Dualtech IT acquisition

Stockholm, Sweden

Stefan Albertsson, CEO, Addsecure,

Addsecure has completed an agreement to acquire Dualtech IT AB, a leading supplier of secure IP based alarm communication terminals and innovative services, to strengthen its smart alarms portfolio, expertise, and market coverage in Europe.

“We are delighted to have reached agreement with a company that has demonstrated consistent innovation and dedication to their customers over a long period of time”, says Stefan Albertsson, CEO of Addsecure.

Dualtech’s experience of digitisation is of particular importance with the forthcoming technology shift, i.e. the closing down of 2G and 3G networks that is taking place throughout Europe.

“As the technology shift will take place across Europe, there will be a large number of customers with similar needs around Europe. Dualtech's platform and experience in the field are therefore of great value to Addsecure”, Albertsson continues.

By combining offerings the companies are also well positioned considering the new alarm transmission EU standard 50136-3 required by 2021, which stipulates that an alarm system must be tested end-to-end, and will be able to provide European customers with future-proof, secure and reliable end-to-end solutions.

Dualtech will be part of Addsecure, and the product portfolio will coexist together with Addsecure’s existing smart alarms offering. Future offerings will combine the innovative solutions from both portfolios. The Dualtech founders and staff will continue to drive and grow the market and Dualtech’s solutions portfolio.

“This transaction provides Dualtech customers with an excellent outcome in terms of their ability to access the latest technology and solutions available. It also provides an exciting future for our staff with an expansive growth company,” says Anders Johansson, Managing Director of Dualtech.

Dualtech has customers in over 20 countries around the world, and has delivered over 250 000 secure alarm communications products.


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