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C/Rosselló 52-54
ES-08029 Barcelona
Tel: 93 494 84 40

About the company

JR Security System, was founded in Barcelona in 1982, with the aim to develop security systems of high technology to protect people, homes and business. JR is a forward-looking innovative company with extraordinary enthusiasm, experience and knowledge, dedicated above all to making products of success. Adapting different designs for foreign markets according to their preferences and needs.

Spanish design and manufacturing, our products have European Safety standards.

Allowing offering products with the highest certifications in these market, and across the rage ensuring the highest quality

International distribution allows us to compete on world markets with the highest performance.

Product Categories

Intruder Alarms
Alarm communication
Alarm Transmission
Intruder Alarms


KnOx plug in control panel. Patented.

Control panel gms/gprs and ip , Patented. PLUG , We have a kit consisting of a central - detector camera + magnetic contact + command intended for homes , caravans , yachts, any place .You can control with you mobile.

KD-W Control panel compact.gsm/gprs wirless.

Control panel built in keypad . Grade 2 European. Accessories. Detector camera, contact wireless. Remote control, smoke wireless, water contact wireless, siren wireless, exterior detector optex built in camera. Control by central station or your mobile. Soft. for installation company free.

4G , Control panel ( pstn, gsm/gprs, ip , bus 485 ,wireless)

Control panel can configuration that you needed. 64 zones, 4 areas, software for you mobile and free installation companies. Grade 2 and grade 3 European standards. Arming /Disarming remote , Possibilities to ask up to 16 photos or 4 each detector built in camera. Arming/Disarming output remote . Omission / configuration zones remote. View the last event. Historic photos or videos up to 250 photogram’s.

Módule Lite gsm/gprs/ip download different controls panels
Módule gsm/gprs and /or ip for control panels like DSC, NAPCO, ADEMCO, HONEYWELL. BENTEL, BOSCH, TEXECOM, RISCO , ARITECH, PYRONIC etc, Download with control rooms. Sales more than 50.000 units .
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