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With more than 30 years of experience, RFID technology pioneer Idesco makes RFID readers, transponders, controllers and touch screen devices for customers worldwide. Every day, our devices collect data and enhance security for a variety of access control, vehicle identification, logistics and inventory control systems.

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Idesco ID: convenient access with mobile phone

If you want to integrate mobile identification into your own system, we have a solution for you. With award winning Idesco ID service you can integrate mobile identification seamlessly in your own, existing access control system and more importantly, manage and send mobile credentials to users’ phones directly from your own system. No management of parallel systems, no separate cloud service needed.

To access with their mobile phone, users need a mobile access app. Free Idesco ID mobile access app is available in Google Play and AppStore. Idesco ID app provides instructions, so it is very fast and easy to start using it. Users can access with this app after they have registered the mobile credential you have sent them from our system. Idesco ID is also a perfect, time-saving solution if you need to provide temporary access rights for maintenance personnel, hotel guests etc. No resources needed for handing over physical tags to users, and credentials can be sent remotely from any location.

If you have a large organization, you have two options to integrate; you can send mobile credentials with Idesco ID to all the phones in your organization simultaneously, or you can integrate Idesco ID to be ready to send credentials whenever you need to assign one to a new user.

If you have a small organization and need to add new mobile users to your system only occasionally, new credentials can be enrolled from users’ phones at your site with an Enrollment Station connected to a PC. Users get the mobile credential to their phone when they download Idesco ID mobile access app.

Idesco ID works with mobile compatible Idesco 8 CD 2.0 MI readers installed in the system. Idesco ID does not require any cloud service. It is also possible to integrate your own existing mobile access app to Idesco ID service and start sending mobile access rights to phones directly from your own system.

System manager can define three different security levels to readers; 1) convenient and hygienic hands-free access without touching the phone, 2) choosing the nearby door in the phone’s lock screen, or 3) releasing the phone’s own security locking.

Fingerprint makes the third access option as secure as any biometric identification method, but much more cost effective – the technique is ready in personal smartphones.

High security access control readers

Idesco’s MIFARE DESFire readers are based on open standards and provide the most powerful encryption methods available. Security keys protect your customers’ sites, and the future-proofed, open technologies maintain your freedom to decide on the security keys, and develop and expand the system in the future – just like you want – without vendor locks.

Latest MIFARE DESFire security, OSDPv2 data protocol, and file transfer capability allow you to develop, maintain and control your systems flexibly and effectively as you ever want. We will help you to keep your promises to your customers – and guarantee the security on their sites.

Durable keypads

Idesco readers are durable, high-end keypad readers meeting the Scandinavian requirements. They are mechanical keypads providing the best user experience, still not compromising on the highest durability. With their high protection class, they are the best choice also for outdoors and for the harsh Scandinavian weather.

Long range readers

We provide passive EPC UHF readers for long range reading deployments such as logistics, vehicle identification or hands-free access. EPC 2.0 Compact provides reading distances up to 10 meters, with cost-effective and reliable passive long-range tags. EPC 2.0 is a small UHF reader with reading distances up to 4 meters. It is very suitable for hands-free access control applications, such as hospitals or other workplaces where personnel need to pass an access point without touching their tags, or the reader. Instead, if deployed with automatic doors, EPC 2.0 Compact provides a hygienic, fast and convenient, but still identified access, just by passing the reader that reads a tag in e.g. personnel’s clothing.


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