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EVVA Scandinavia AB
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126 30 Hägersten
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About the company

EVVA is an Austrian, family-owned business (established in 1919) that is amongst Europe's leading manufacturers for mechanical and electronic locking systems. EVVA's time-tested security products provide optimum protection and greater convenience for companies, public institutions and private homes worldwide. Our experienced partners throughout the world as well as our approximately 750 employees at the Vienna headquarters and 10 subsidiaries create individually tailored solutions with high degrees of innovative security. The in-house research and development department dominates the European security market with its innovations. We continuously enhance our product portfolio to sustainably foster the entire EVVA Group on selected markets.

Product Categories

Access Control
Access Control
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Locks and Bolts


Xesar. Simply versatile

The electronic Xesar locking systems represents security, flexibility, simplicity and transparent control. Virtual networks provide doors' security status to your desktop in a matter of seconds. Xesar offers many different access components – handles, escutcheons, cylinders and wall readers. Components are not only characterised by elegant design and meet maximum security standards, but they are also quick and simple to install. Xesar is the solution for anyone seeking a closed system with an individual IT infrastructure.

Your Xesar benefits

  • Simple operation
  • Maximum security
  • Quick installation
  • Convincing product design
  • Pay per use with KeyCredits
AirKey. Simply smart

AirKey makes your life easier and gives you greater independence. With AirKey you can open doors with your smartphone, send keys via SMS and easily organise your entire access control system. Consequently, AirKey offers you maximum freedom and maximum security – professionally or privately.

Your AirKey benefits
  • Sending keys to smartphones online
  • Free app and online administration
  • For small to complex access control systems
  • Product quality and data security made in Austria
Lever cylinder

EVVA's electronic system range has been enhanced by the electronic lever cylinder. It can be integrated into any AirKey and Xesar master key system. The new electronic lever cylinder can be flexibly adapted depending on the installation situation thanks to the shorter cylinder length. The locked lever cylinder (FVS) is also a new feature. Here the thumb turn is blocked when the lever cylinder is disengaged. Any locking operation as part of this function is also recorded in compliance with data protection regulations.

Hybrid cylinder

AirKey hybrid-cylinders with double sided access are the ideal solution for doors with maximum security requirements on the inside and outside and where the access control is required from both sides. Furthermore, the AirKey hybrid cylinder is suitable for fire doors.

Electronic systems combined with mechanical systems

  • Mechanical and electronic systems combined in a single cylinder
  • Suitable for combination with all current, modular, mechanical systems
  • Quick and simple conversion of mechanical systems
  • Electronic, individual profile with combi key
MCS. 100% copying protection

Thanks to the worldwide unique MCS security, MCS master key system operators need not worry about any issues. This is firstly down to keys' 100% copying protection and secondly, a result of the system's vast calculation security levels. Reserves can already be integrated when planning the master key system. Consequently, your facility can continue to grow and MCS grows with it.

Your MCS benefits
  • Protected against 3D printing
  • For challenging master key system structures
  • Very high protection levels against burglaries
  • Patent protection until 2035


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