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BrainChip Holdings Ltd.
20 avenue Prat Gimont
31130 Balma
Tel: +34673836020

About the company

BrainChip develops accelerated artificial intelligence and machine learning software and hardware. We have commercialized spiking neural networks, a type of neuromorphic computing which simulates the functionality of the human brain.

Neuromorphic computing is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that simulates the functionality of the human neuron. At BrainChip, we have developed a revolutionary spiking neural network (SNN) technology, a type of neuromorphic computing that learns autonomously, evolves and associates information just like the human brain.

BrainChip’s technology has been designed as a one-shot learning system. It recognizes patterns in milliseconds without having to be pre-programmed. It achieves this by learning from information, and then later recognizing what it has learned.

Product Categories

Video Surveillance
Digital Surveillance Solutions
Intelligent Video Servers
Digital video storage
Intelligent Camera and System


BrainChip Studio

BrainChip's civil surveillance solutions provide law enforcement, homeland security, and intelligence agencies with the ability to rapidly identify objects or faces in large amounts of archived or live streaming video. The combination of BrainChip Studio and BrainChip Accelerator can process 16 channels of video simultaneously, with a total throughput of over 600 images per second. BrainChip Studio was recently awarded new product of the year for video analytics by Security Today and BrainChip Accelerator received the Innovation Award during the Milipol 2017 conference.

BrainChip Studio runs on standard x86-based desktop and server platforms with most common video file formats. It is currently available to select law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

BrainChip Accelerator

BrainChip Accelerator is an 8-lane, PCI-Express add-in card that increases the speed and accuracy of the object recognition function of BrainChip Studio software by up to six times. It does this by accelerating video scaling, spike generation, and spiking neuron model comparisons. In combination with a CPU that has 16 virtual cores, BrainChip Accelerator can process 16 channels of video simultaneously, with an effective throughput of over 600 frames per second.

The low-power characteristics of BrainChip’s spiking neural technology results in a power-sipping 15 watts total consumption. This results in a lower total cost of ownership compared to using additional servers.


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