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Cloud-based access control system paves the way for Security as a Service

Erik Nord, the newly appointed Sales Manager for Acre Xaas EMEA and Alex Holmström Global Sales Director for Acre International.

Erik Nord, the newly appointed Sales Manager for Acre Xaas EMEA and Alex Holmström Global Sales Director for Acre International.

Acre Security (formerly Vanderbilt) have launched Feenics, a cloud-based access control solution aimed at the enterprise market. Its security, transparency, and scalability, makes Feenics a powerful platform for effective Access Control as a Service (ACaaS).

This is completely in line with Acre’s transformation towards a more service-based business through their newly established XaaS organisation EMEA.

The open platform offers complex integration possibilities for video surveillance, burglar alarms, visitor management, locks and mechanics and other third-party solutions.

“With high scalability for an unlimited number of users and devices, as well as a simple user interface, Feenics has been developed to meet the market’s demands for Access Control as a Service,” comments Alex Holmstrom, Global Sales Director for Acre International.

Unlimited possibilities

Acre is in the process of a global launch of Feenics. The EMEA market is of course of great importance and recently Acre exhibited at Sectech to launch the solution in Scandinavia. The interest for the Feenics in the region is growing strongly and there are several reasons behind that, according to Alex Holmström.

“The countless number of functions and the open architecture, which enables easy integration with existing security infrastructure, are good examples of what drives the interest for Feenics. The scalability, which ensures that the system can adapt to environments of all sizes, is another factor,” he states.

Alex Holmström clarifies what he considers to be the uniqueness of Feenics.

“In my view, this is the only cloud-based solution for access control adapted to meet the highest demands of the enterprise class. Both in terms of scalability, security, and complexity.”

Acre is in the process of a global launch of the cloud-based access control system Feenics.
Acre is in the process of a global launch of the cloud-based access control system Feenics.

User friendly

Another selling point for Feenics, according to Alex Holmström, is the user friendliness. Despite the complexity, the solution is simple to manage. Configuration, administrating and monitoring can be done by either desktop app, web client and/or a mobile app while continuous system updates are done centrally.

High cyber security level

Acre has placed great emphasis on protecting Feenics from cyber threats and ensuring identity management and protection of all data and operations, which means several layers of security. With the latest encryption standards, data security is ensured. TLS 1.2 encryption for communications and AES 256 database encryption are examples. Multi-factor login authentication when accessing Feenics is also enforced. With continuous vulnerability testing, threat monitoring and vulnerability scanning through companies such as Veracode and Amazon Web Services, Feenics further ensures that critical vulnerabilities are not overlooked.

Awarded by Detektor

The qualities of Feenics was also confirmed when Acre received recognition by the security trade magazine Detektor International for innovation in the access control category at the Detektor International Award 2023 prize ceremony, which was held in conjunction with Sectech, in Stockholm on the 24th of October.

New organisation for cloud services

But Feenics is not the only step taken towards concepts based on Security as a Service. Acre has also established a Xaas cloud sales organisation and recruited Erik Nord as the Sales Manager for EMEA.

In this context X stands for “Anything”, which indicates that Acre and Feenics is not just limited to access control as a service.

Erik Nord has 15 years of experience in the security industry and comes most recently from the position of BDM at Genetec. Before that he was at Axis for nine years.

Global focus on SECaaS

Alex Holmström believes that Erik Nord, with his deep industry knowledge, will be a valuable addition to the Acre team.

“Since Acre is now strengthening its global focus on Security-as-a- Service (SECaaS) and cloudbased solutions, it feels very good that Erik Nord agreed to lead our Xaas organisation EMEA,” he comments.

Erik Nord himself is very excited about his new assignment and praises Acre’s hybrid approach to the cloud.

“It allows customers to decide where to store their data and enables them to have control and security from both a physical and cyber security point of view,” he states.

Cloud or hybrid model

Erik Nord emphasizes further the important fact that Acre’s cloud solutions give organisations the opportunity to benefit from cutting-edge technologies, while providing flexibility and scalability.

“The company’s hybrid approach ensures that customers have the freedom to choose the best deployment option for their specific requirements, whether it’s on-premises, cloud-based or a combination of both,” he says.

Strengthens Acre’s global presence

The recruitment of Erik Nord is part of Acre’s ambition to expand the international cloud sales organisation to strengthen its global presence and improve customer support capacity, according to Alex Holmström.

“This strategic move underlines Acre’s ongoing commitment to deliver innovative security solutions that meet the diverse needs of organisations worldwide,” he concludes.

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