Zebra Technologies introduces contact tracing software

Lincolnshire, Il (USA)

Zebra Technologies Corporation has just released its Zebra Motionworks Proximity, offering proximity sensing with user-level alerting and contact tracing to enable employers to help protect their employees’ health while in the work environment.

Governments around the world have issued guidelines requiring employers to develop and implement appropriate policies such as, but not limited to, social distancing, contact tracing and disinfection. Zebra’s Motionworks Proximity solution meets the requirements outlined in the guidelines and the needs of many enterprises looking for a viable option to enhance their reopening strategies.

“To protect our front-line workers and those returning to our offices, we have been prioritising our employees’ health and safety,” said Bill Burns, Chief Product and Solutions Officer, Zebra Technologies. “Teams across our company rapidly defined, developed and deployed a proximity tracing, alerting and contact tracing solution within one of our largest distribution facilities, and now it’s available to help protect our customers’ employees in manufacturing and warehouse environments.”

Zebra’s solution provides proximity and contact tracing insights, dashboards and reports to employers as well as individual proximity alerts for the employees. The data is tied to an employee ID or anonymised user ID, allowing for actionable insights by the employer while allowing for the privacy of individuals, unlike other public contact tracing solutions. Accurate, automated contact tracing can help companies quickly identify exposed employees for testing, potentially limiting widespread facility closures.

Leveraging Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) and Wifi, the software solution is hosted in the cloud, implemented quickly and managed remotely by Zebra, eliminating on-site professional services. It does not require new infrastructure and can be leveraged on existing supported Zebra Android devices or new devices available in different form factors and price points depending on customer requirements.

“The advantage provided by our contact tracing solution is that it utilises the devices front-line workers are already using today, minimising additional capital costs and accelerating employee adoption,” said Burns. “As the world’s leader in ruggedised Android mobile computers, our depth of expertise and experience enables us to provide this solution with security and privacy embedded at the outset.”


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