Your finger is your key

Taipei, Taiwan

With the latest padlock soluion from Midas Touch, users have a completely keyless solution - no key, no password, your finger is your key.

This new F=fingerprint identification system provides a higher level of security than traditional machine key alternatives. In addition it is a speedy process providing a real key-less system with only 0.7 second unlocking time.

The smart technology supports a 360°one touch operation and up to 30 sets of fingerprint can be stored for use.#

Midas Touch is a fingerprint solution provider with various sensors/modules/ and readers that are able to be incorporated into various different fingerprint-related applications. According to Midas, the company's effective sensing performance has shown its ability to match different algorithms that have been approved by many customers. To create more value for their customers, Midas Inc not only provides fingerprint sensors, but also a total solution with a built-in MCU and algorithm fingerprint module.


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