Wireless access presents a viable solution for glass doors

London, UK

The battery powered Aperio C100 Cylinder combines with a range of locksets to add powerful access control.

It can be challenging to find the right electronic access solution for a glass door, especially when glass is the focal point of an entrance design, cabling is not an option.  However, today, battery powered access control comes in multiple styles and formats, and such devices can fit almost any type of glass door, cable- and wire-free. A minimal footprint ensures they leave the door’s aesthetic as it was designed.

Already utilised in multiple settings, and for all security levels, Assa Abloy Aperio door devices are built to integrate with almost any access system. These wireless locks work seamlessly with systems from over 100 OEMs.

Aperio offers end-users the flexibility to affordably expand or modify an access system’s coverage. If needs change at a facility — say, meeting rooms are fitted with new glass doors — it is quick and easy for an installer to fit Aperio locks and integrate them online with the main control panel.

For simplicity in fitting to almost any interior glass door, the battery powered Aperio C100 Cylinder combines with a range of locksets to add powerful access control which can easily be integrated with any new or existing system.

The Aperio H100 Handle packs the power and flexibility of access control into an award-winning, low profile, wireless handle. Anywhere it is possible to replace an existing DIN, SCAN or FIN standard format lever, an H100 can easily be fitted and integrated with the access system.

A third option, the E100 Escutcheon brings full-powered, feature-rich access control to any higher security glass door such as a boardroom or a treatment suite with valuable equipment. Privacy functions, and the option to add a Pinpad for multi-factor authentication, are also available with the Aperio E100.

Users open all doors, including Aperio wireless controlled doors, with the same credential. Aperio is compatible with almost any standard RFID technology, including Iclass and Mifare, as well as secure mobile access with Seos.

Because Aperio devices operate cable-free at the door — communicating with a central system securely over the air via wireless hubs in the case of an online integration — they can be fitted without disrupting an interior design, however minimalist.


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