Vicon unified platform now includes AI-powered people search

Hauppauge, NY (USA)

Vicon Industries, Inc., a subsidiary of Cemtrex Inc., and designer and manufacturer of video surveillance and access control software, hardware and components, has released several new features in its AI-powered cloud security solution.

The software now incorporates an early release of its AI-based “People Search” feature, which enables users to track a person’s movement throughout a building.

People Search empowers users to perform searches on a person or persons to expedite investigations. For example, if an employee were to allege being assaulted, People Search can be used to find instances where those individuals were together, quickly verifying or disproving the claim.

“Features like People Search are just the beginning of how we are integrating advanced AI and intelligence into the Anavio platform,” said Haim Shain, Sr. Vice President of Product Management. “Where users previously had to manually scour through hours of footage to investigate instances like these, they can now find their critical video in just two clicks and a few minutes,” continued Shain. “Our commitment to providing tangible value for our customers continues to be paramount, and the convenience, accuracy, and time savings this feature offers are a testament to that commitment.”

People of Interest feature

Similarly, a People of Interest feature allows customers to enroll specific people—like a mail carrier or a known vandal—into the system without having to add them as a user or guest, and Anavio will log all instances of those people being seen onsite.

Both People Search and People of Interest are being offered free-of-charge to qualified customers during Anavio’s initial early adopter phase. Prospects are encouraged to contact Vicon to see if they are a candidate for these beta features.

Vicon’s innovative new cloud security platform—Anavio—lets users manage their access, video, and intercom with the power of face-based authentication all in one platform, so there’s no shuffling between separate security systems to achieve complete situational awareness and control. Anavio integrates everything into one UI to deliver a powerful, intuitive user experience.

Plug-and-play installation

“While many large-scale enterprises still prefer our on-premises solutions, small-to-mid-sized enterprises don’t have the resources to manage the complexities of traditional on-prem surveillance systems,” said Saagar Govil, CEO of Vicon Industries. “Anavio eliminates those complexities with its true plug-and-play installation. And because it’s cloud-hosted, users won’t be required to keep up with software maintenance, server management, and camera updates—tasks that can overwhelm smaller IT teams.”

“Anavio unlocks opportunities in the enormous SME market for both Vicon and its channel partners,” continued Govil. “Our unique combination of industry experience, innovative product development, and user-centric approach gives us an immediate opportunity to make a significant impact in this segment of the market.”

At the hub of the platform is the Unified Intercom Reader (UIR), which combines access control with an AI camera and a two-way intercom for one of the most intelligent multi-function readers in the industry. The reader supports advanced 3D facial verification technology, and the built-in door controller allows users to manage door locks, exit buttons, and door contacts without long wiring runs.

Face authentication

“Traditional keycards can’t verify a user’s identity,” said Ashwin Chandranathan, Product Manager, VMS Software at Vicon. “Anavio’s UIR uses face authentication to ensure only authorised individuals gain access, definitively confirming the credential holder’s identity. With its anti-spoofing technology, the UIR also protects against presentation attacks like photos, masks, or videos.”

In addition to its face authentication technology, Anavio also accommodates modern smartphone credentials, traditional cards, and key fobs, and you can easily mix and match these to implement multi-factor authentication.

The Anavio solution is backed by a straightforward selection of AI cameras that have been streamlined and meticulously engineered based on customer requirements. Each camera comes standard with features like 60 days of video/audio storage, object classification to aid in faster investigations, and the patented Starlight low-light technology, which allows users to see colors in near-dark conditions.


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