Unique LED Balloon Light to showcase at Skydd 2018

Taipei, Taiwan

Ching Yuang, the manufacturer of LED Light System founded in 2002, is ready to make the debut of its innovative LED Balloon Light system at the forthcoming SKYDD 2018 from 23rd-25th October in Stockholm, Sweden.

In answering the safety concerns on construction sites, Ching Yuang, with experience in the lighting industry for over 15 years, has successfully developed a range of unique LED Balloon Light stands in various different wattages.

The exclusive LED Balloon light provides 360 degree illumination, glare-free lighting and can connect with 100-240 voltage. The LED Balloon Light system performs the same illumination effect with fewer fixtures. The balloon light, equipped with a waterproof battery power supply, is compact and easy to transport so that it can make a quick response to any urgent need, both indoors and outdoors. The light system is designed to withstand wind speeds of 7m/ sec. The Led lamp has a long-life span of over 50, 000 hours and so is able to save energy whilst achieving high-efficiency.

The LED Balloon Light already has patents in many countries, and has won the Taiwanese Excellent Awards in 2017; its debut in Scandinavia will be later this month at the SKYDD 2018 event in Stockholm, Sweden.


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