Umbo Smart Cloud offers a hardware-agnostic, off-premise system

Taipei, Taiwan

With the increasing proliferation of CCTV cameras around the world, there is a widespread need for a simple, plug-and-play solution to make video streams available on a single platform. Umbo, an artificial intelligence company building autonomous video security systems, has launched a new solution, Smart Cloud.  Umbo's Smart Cloud is designed to be an effective innovation in this field with its easy and intuitive video management.

With its RTSP video consumption capability, Smart Cloud lets users around the world view and manage their third-party video security cameras using a single off-premise, hardware-agnostic solution that also provides cloud video backup and cutting edge AI with Umbo Light.

The reason why people have been adopting and using Smart Cloud as the foundation of their video security infrastructure, according to the company, is that the explosive growth of the video security market has brought along with it a titanic mushrooming of complexity. On popular surveillance equipment web sites, there are thousands of video cameras available for sale from numerous different manufacturers with different models and designs — dome, bullet, and box. Because there is no single proper camera that can serve every possible situation and need, what results is a mess of silo’ed installations across and even within organisations.

Organisations grappling with many different video security systems are able to use Umbo Smart Cloud as a unifying, hardware-agnostic middleware to centralise their varying global security systems.

Smart Cloud is a hardware-agnostic, off-premise system for tying together different video security installations. It can consume video streams not only from Learning Cameras like the Smart Domes or Smart Bullets from Umbo but also from third-party cameras. If a camera or NVR hardware is capable of outputting an RTSP stream then Umbo Smart Cloud can bring it into its platform.

Smart Cloud allows security managers, system integrators, and alarm monitoring centres to have all their camera streams on a single off-premises platform. They can watch streams live, review security events, and save video for storing within the cloud. Smart Cloud also offers paid cloud storage plans so that clients can back up their entire video streams into the cloud for omni-channel access anywhere, anytime.

And in addition, customers can benefit from cutting-edge human detection artificial intelligence using Umbo Light. Umbo Light is a computer vision service, capable of understanding human behaviour in a security context. It ignores non-human visual inputs such as birds, cats, and the weather while alarming on the presence of a human being.


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