Surveillance to the power of 3

London, UK

The 3 series fixed network dome cameras from Panasonic are capable of capturing images in HD and full HD, with double the images of real time (60fps), to catch every detail in every type of light.

Suited to a range of indoor and outdoor surveillance applications, the 3 series are IP-network friendly, meaning they are compatible to be used with monitors, recorders or smartphones. Because it supports four transmission modes (constant bitrate, frame rate, best effort and advanced VBR), the 3-series allows a flexible network design suitable for multiple applications.

The 3 series enables clear and easy identification of people within the image, even in high contrast scenes and backlight situations. 

Gerard Figols, Marketing Manager at Panasonic, said, "Even a single image can include multiple, complex lighting conditions. So we’ve incorporated the latest image sensor technology, combined with multi-process noise reduction (MNR). This results in a high sensitivity of 0.01 lux in colour and promises exceptional image quality, even in challenging light conditions.”

"The combination of high resolution and high frame rate makes the indoor cameras ideal for leisure and banking. Rapid moving objects such as people moving cards in casinos, bills in the bank or a number plate on the road can now be tracked and surveyed effectively.”

The 3 series fixed network dome cameras are available now

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