Smart wireless battery camera performs for up to 500 days

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Brickcom Corporation has developed a new smart home product, a smart wireless battery intrusion camera, designed with a super low-power consumption battery. In the most common applications, according to Brickcom, a fully charged camera can last for up to 500 days.

The camera supports an edge recording feature, motion detection, and video recording and, of course, will function as usual during a power outage or if the internet is down - the system will continue to monitor a property for around 500 days.

With motion detection, human detection and face recognition, the system can detect and capture the most important events and eliminate unnecessary alerts, such as passing cars and small animals. This can increase efficiency and reduce intrusion alerts.

The camera can be placed as far away as 1000ft or 330m from the Hub with a direct line of sight. It is designed with an IP65 weatherproof rating and the users can install it anywhere. With a one key setup, users can complete the installation and setup within 5 mins.

The smart wireless battery intrusion camera system also supports the ONVIF protocol. This helps the power users to integrate it into an existing SMB professional surveillance system. In summary, the wireless battery intrusion camera system is a smart solution to secure people and premises and give the users peace of mind.

According to Brickcom, the smart wireless battery intrusion camera will be launched in Q4 2019. 


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