Sightlogix controller integrates with Bosch Autodome security cameras

Princeton, NJ (USA)

Sightlogix, Inc., the leading supplier of video intrusion detection systems for outdoor areas and perimeter security, announces that the Sightlogix Sighttracker pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) controller has been integrated with Bosch Autodome security cameras to automatically zoom and follow detected targets. Sighttrackers use global positioning system (GPS)-based target information provided by an associated Sightsensor intelligent video surveillance camera to automatically guide Bosch Autodome PTZ cameras. As a result of the integration, Sightlogix and Bosch customers can now benefit from GPS-based target tracking for outdoor areas of any size.
Sighttracker solves the challenge of trying to manually locate a target over wide outdoor areas. When steered by an associated Sightsensor, Sighttracker automatically pans and zooms Bosch Autodome security cameras to follow detected targets for up-close identification details. Detected targets are visually displayed on the customer’s video management system while the target’s GPS positions are graphically presented on the Sightmonitor topology map or Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system. The result is a comprehensive security solution that provides the “what and where” of a security event for making time-critical decisions while recording detail for post-event analysis and evidentiary purposes.

Designed for ease-of-use, Bosch’s Autodome series is built around a system of interchangeable modules that allow you to update camera functionality quickly and cost effectively. The camera’s advanced intelligence capabilities help automate surveillance, and its high-resolution optics provide sharp images with the details needed for accurate identification.

“Sighttracker ensures that PTZ cameras are always tracking targets of interest,” said John Romanowich, Sightlogix President and CEO. “Knowing the location and the nature of a security event in real time is a critical requirement for protecting outdoor areas. We are pleased to add high-quality Bosch PTZ cameras to our list of supported security cameras.”

“Bosch and Sightlogix customers can now benefit from expanded user capabilities and enhanced situational awareness when securing outdoor critical infrastructure,” said Willem Ryan, Product Marketing Manager, Bosch Security Systems, Inc. “Our collaboration with Sightlogix provides security personnel new options for configuring intelligent video systems built around Autodome cameras.”

Sightlogix products include long and wide-range Sightsensor security cameras in both visible and thermal spectra, Sighttrackers that automatically steer PTZ/dome cameras and Sightmonitor GPS target display software.

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