Security360 unveils new products, new updates & new pricing strategy

Zonhoven, Belgium

The "team behind the box" at Security360 Image courtesy of Security360

Secury360 has unveiled the new S360 box, substantial enhancements to the company's Cloud Portal, updated its AI with expanded connectivity, and introduced a new pricing structure, all designed to offer unparalleled efficiency and control to users.

The centrepiece of this launch, the new S360 box, boasts innovative integration capabilities and built-in features that save time, money, and space. With its ability to connect directly to on-site cameras, users can access alarm panel features effortlessly. Additionally, the S360 box now includes a built-in HDD, allowing it to run a VMS as a standalone solution, providing flexibility and powerful performance in one compact device.

More intuitive cloud set-up

Complementing the new hardware, Secury360 has made a significant update to the Cloud Portal, simplifying navigation and installation processes. The new interface grants users even greater control over their security systems, streamlining operations and enhancing the overall user experience. Installers can now enjoy an even more intuitive set-up process, ensuring efficient and hassle-free installations.

Furthermore, Secury360 is introducing a new pricing structure that offers transparency and adaptability in today's dynamic security market. This competitive pricing model is designed to provide customers with clear, straightforward options that meet their specific needs, ensuring they receive the best value for their investment.

Updated AI technology

At the core of these advancements is the updated AI technology, now capable of connecting to eight camera streams simultaneously. This enhancement empowers users with a broader and more detailed surveillance capability, improving the overall effectiveness of their security systems.

"We are incredibly excited to introduce these groundbreaking updates," announced Frederic Jacobs, the CEO of Secury360. "The new S360 box, enhanced Cloud Portal, and updated AI demonstrate our commitment to providing security solutions the customer needs. We believe these advancements will empower our customers with unmatched control and efficiency, setting a new standard in the security industry.”


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