Riva takes active role in traffic management

Huckelhoven, Germany

Riva IP cameras with special analytic filters are helping to improve worldwide traffic situations such as traffic jams, accidents, lack of parking spaces.
At busy crossroads in Serbia, Riva cameras with onboard video analytics are already used for adaptive traffic control. For that, traffic light systems are adjusted to the actual traffic demand to significantly improve traffic flows especially during rush hours. Thereby, not only the environmental impact is reduced, also the time of all the road users is reduced and fuel costs as well as the number of road accidents decrease.

Only the VCA Presence module, which is already integrated in all Riva devices as a standard feature at no extra costs, and the dwell filter are necessary. VCA Presence includes a tamper protection (bagging, de-focusing, moving) and motion detection. Thus, an alarm is triggered if an object appears in a predefined detection zone. Up to 40 different zones per image can be set.

Another often used filter is the speed filter, which allows speeds of vehicles to be checked.

Furthermore, Riva cameras with integrated video analytics can be used to collect data about the daily traffic. For that, the filter for vehicle counting is primarily used. It detects and counts vehicles without any problems including in dense traffic. Furthermore, it is able to collet traffic flow data for statistics. The obtained data can then for example, be used to support town planning or to determine new speed limits. Also relationships and dependencies of traffic flows with other factors like weather, holidays or special events can be analysed.

Rivas RC6602HD and RC6702HD-6211 bullet cameras as well the Riva RC1202HD-6241 box camera are an ideal solution to continuously monitor traffic flow. Rivas RC6602HD-5311 with remote/zoom control is ideally suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Equipped with 34x IR LEDs, the camera also provides detailed images in low light scenarios. The IR range is about 25 metres. Not only VCA Presence, but also VCA Detect is included in the camera. This module includes the classification, direction and dwell filters.

Rivas RC6702HD-6211 mini-bullet camera is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor as well as day and night usage. The new Riva camera comes with 12 built-in high power IR LED’s and an illumination distance up to 20m, and it has a variable focal lens of 3-9mm.

Rivas RC1202HD-6241 is equipped with a SONY Exmor 1/2.9" 1080p CMOS sensor that features a mechanical IR cut filter and is also ideally suited for day and night usage.

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