Raytec widens scope for Hybrid IP illuminators

Ashington, Northumberland (UK)

Raytec has announced that its Axis ACAP and Genetec plug-ins have been enhanced to provide compatibility with Hybrid IP illuminators.

These updates mean a wider range of Raytec products can be integrated into these systems than ever before. With the ability to control all white-light and IR demands from a single illuminator, Hybrid integration provides users with a more dynamic and flexible solution.

Both the new Axis ACAP and Genetec plug-ins are available for download and both provide a zipped file containing the plug-in installer, user guide and release notes.

Raytec develops its own software, to facilitate integration with third-party security platforms, as this is crucial in being able to deliver the most connected and intelligent lighting solutions for the security industry.

Raytec IP lighting operates seamlessly with network cameras and system devices, and can be fully integrated with several different platforms


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