PoE and VDSL camera system saves on cable and labour costs

Taichung, Taiwan

In traditional analogue surveillance installations, the wiring of a system is complicated. It requires coaxial cable, sometimes it may require balancing, at each camera ensure good video transmission. In addition, each camera will require its own power supply. If audio is needed in a system, independent audio wiring may also be required. GKB Security now offers a much easier and more effective installation solution, by applying their PoE and VDSL equipment, to simplify the wiring issue and save labour costs in a surveillance system installation.
In their product line, there are 8-port /16-port PoE Switch (DA201/DA203), PoE Power Device (DA301), and VDSL Device (DA201) available. With the PoE Power Device and PoE Switch, the video and audio signal as well as the power can be transmitted bi-directionly via only one network cable (RJ-45).

The VDSL device, DA201, will transmit all the data via the telephone line (RJ-11) or via coaxial cable over 1000 metres. At the NVR PCs, up to 1000 meters away, the video and the audio can be monitored and recorded resulting in an easier and a more efficient surveillance management.

GKB's Professional IP Solution can be designed to apply to small or large-scale sites as well as multi-site requirements, such as banks, airport, railway stations, university campuses, retail chains and more. All provided software modules are free and integrate with each other. The system management is done using a cloud system where access is gained by simply logging in with a user name and password. With this cutting-edge cloud technology, GKB's IP solution supports a self update system for NVR software and IP cam firmware.

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