Pelco partners with Ipsotek

Clovis, Ca (USA)

Pelco by Schneider Electric, has completed a new integrated solution based on the Pelco Videoxpert VMS with Ipsotek’s Visuite 10.1 advanced video analytics platform. Ipsotek is a leader in scenario-based video analytics across a wide variety of industries. The integration provides a solution that increases security, reduces investigation time, and takes the complexity out of managing the video and associated analytics in an overall surveillance network.

"This integration reflects the continued commitment that Pelco has to our customers to provide high-quality and innovative solutions that are also easy to set up and use,” said Jonathan Lewit, Director of Technology Leadership, Pelco by Schneider Electric. “Ipsotek specialises in detecting target behaviours in the live video, delivering dependable alerts to operators while dramatically reducing false alarms. Combining this expertise with our enterprise-level video management system lets us offer our customers a powerful solution for efficiently mitigating security risks.”

“Pelco is known for engineering the rock-solid security solutions that are required for any successful analytic overlay,” said Bill Flind, Chief Executive, Ipsotek. “Integrating the intelligent Visuite analytics with Videoxpert lets users tailor the automated system detection to their specific needs by applying one or more defined target behaviours.”

Pelco’s Videoxpert VMS is designed to deliver control with confidence. It incorporates the latest advancements in system navigation, with a platform that enables console monitoring to improve operational efficiency and reduce incident investigation time. The intuitive user interface requires little training, while also allowing operators to quickly and easily collate video scenes from multiple angles, up to nine video scenes, for export into a single clip for effective case management. The result is real-time data with real-time video for a quick response and improved security.

Ipsotek’s scenario based video analytics software solution boasts a set of advanced, automated video analysis tools that provide for the real-time detection and extraction of events and valuable data from surveillance footage, replacing the manual and time-consuming tasks traditionally employed to monitor live video feeds or sift through recorded video. By employing Visuite, clients can make optimal use of their surveillance systems and allocate operator time and attention in a more effective manner, thus increasing their return on investment, as well as improving overall security, safety and operational efficiency.


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